Parsi Favourites

  • Classics

    Parsi food is our forte and classics like Patra ni Machhi, Sali Jardaloo Chicken, Mutton Pullao with Dhansakh Daal are our popular dishes.

  • Patra ni Machhi

    Patra ni Machhi


    Plump slices of Pomfret coated in a tasty coconut and coriander chutney, steamed in banana leaves. No celebration is complete without it.

  • Pomfret Curry Rice

    Pomfret Curry Rice


    A Parsi style coconut curry with tangy kokum and red chillies, and fat slices of pomfret. Served with steamed rice and a classic onion Kachumber with sliced lemons.

  • Antheli Marghi

    Antheli Marghi


    An old classic chicken preparation made in a cashew, kashmiri chilli and garam masala paste, cooked with very little water.

  • Sahs ni Machhi

    Sahs ni Machhi


    Pomfret cooked in an unusual chick pea flour, vinegar and egg sauce, exclusive to Parsi cuisine. A hot favourite at weddings.

  • Mutton Pullao Daal

    Mutton Pullao Daal


    Not to be confused with biryani, mutton pullao has a slow cooked spiced mutton in its own gravy layered between fragrant rice and topped with boiled eggs. Traditionally served with Masala ni Daar (daal).

  • Lagan nu Istew

    Lagan nu Istew


    The king of Parsi vegetarian dishes, a melange of root vegetables, pumpkin, okra and peas cooked in a tangy gravy that includes ground dates.

  • Mango Juice



    Baby brinjals cooked in a coriander and coconut chutney with tamarind.

  • Other Favourites

    Here are some more of our top sellers. Parsi vegetarian dishes like Lagan nu Istew and Ravaiyya are also on our menu.

  • Mutton Kebabs

    Mutton Kebabs


    Parsi style meat balls made with minced lamb and spices.

  • Chicken Farcha

    Chicken Farcha


    Chicken braised in spices and herbs and then crumbed, battered and deep fried.

  • Scotch Eggs

    Scotch Eggs


    Boiled eggs covered in savoury lamb mince, rolled in vermicelli and deep fried.

  • Potato Baked Dice

    Chicken Cutlets


    Patties of shredded chicken with mashed potatoes and spices, crumbed and frill fried. Served with a garlic and tomato gravy (optional)

  • Gajar Mewa nu Achaar

    Gajar Mewa nu Achaar


    A sweet, sour and spicy medley of grated carrots and dried fruit, this is served as an accompaniment at the traditional wedding feast.

  • Lagan nu Custard

    Lagan nu Custard


    The most well known among Parsi desserts, Lagan nu custard is a baked dessert flavoured with cardamom, nutmeg and vanilla.

  • Xmas Pudding with Brandy Butter

    Xmas Pudding with Brandy Butter


    Katy Dalal's signature Christmas pudding. This one is crammed with booze soaked fruit, almonds, candied ginger and grated apples. We serve it with a Hard Sauce, also known as Brandy Butter.