About Katy


Katy Dalal set foot into the food business from her own kitchen when she began to send food to a bachelor friend at his office. That one tiffin soon led to many more and before she knew it she was catering a party at someone's house and soon thereafter she was the caterer at a Navjote! One very happy tiffin client absolutely insisted on having her cater for his child's Navjote, deeming her food to be superior to the professional caterers at that time. She never looked back.

She soon ran the kitchens for various clubs in Mumbai including, at various times, the Freemason's Hall, the PVM Gymkhana, the Elphinstone Club, and the Ripon Club. A pioneer in every way, not only did she introduce buffets at Parsi weddings (as an option to the traditional sit down 'Patra' style) she also introduced a variety of dishes from Indian and International cuisines to the menus.

Katy handed over the business to her son Kurush and retired to her cottage in Lonavala where she proceeded to write 6 immensely successful cookbooks covering Parsi and non Parsi recipes interspersed with information, anecdotes and family history.

Katy's Kitchen carries on her rich legacy bringing you traditional Parsi preparations along with an eclectic selection of Indian and International favourites.